“Following a ten day trial, the jury deliberated less than three hours before reaching its verdict… The exhibits you developed for trial proved to be very effective.

“However, it is the less tangible services that you provide, including your insightful consultation and concepts, and your team member approach, that make you stand out from your competitors and keep me coming back to
Legal Arts.”


Visual Strategy” is the process used by Legal Arts to evaluate your case and determine your best visual communication options for any phase of litigation. It is based on a time-tested method that provides maximum impact in a relatively short amount of time.

The Visual Strategy approach is simple: we “begin with the end in mind” then build paths to achieve that end, which bring to light opportunities to communicate to your audience visually.

Visual Strategy is a collaborative effort. The process starts with us learning about your case. We want to know your desired outcome and how you intend to get there, and we’ll help you define your primary objectives if you have not already done so.

After we discern what needs to be proven through documents, testimony, and other evidence, we’ll map a visual communications strategy based on who the decision makers are, what venue you’re in, your experts’ contributions, and how your opponent will respond in kind.